Interested in targeting your marketing to the 'Atheist' Community?

If so, advertise on Atheist Passions.

Passions Network provides targeted advertising opportunities throughout 250+ individual niche online dating & social networking community sites, including specifically here on Atheist Passions.

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If you are interested in tapping into the 'long tail' by advertising to specific demographic markets, we recommend the Google Adwords system, which will allow you to focus your advertising on this site, as well as other sites within Passions Network. This approach provides you with complete control of your daily, weekly and monthly budget, as well as online reporting tools to manage your advertising campaigns.

Atheist Passions displays a variety of Google Ad Units, including text links, banner links and video links, with sizes including 336x280, 468x60, 720x90 and 160x600.

Once you have set up a Google Adwords advertising campaign, we welcome you to expand it to include other sites within Passions Network that provide you with the target niche market you are looking to reach.

By using the Google Adwords Ad Management system, Passions Network aims to limit advertising on each of it's sites to products and services that match the 'passions' of it's members. This type of targeted advertising should work for everyone involved, advertisers and advertisees.

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Examples Of The Social Networking & Online Dating Sites Within Passions Network:

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